Conference abstracts

Participation at the Australian Population Association conference is by submission of a short abstract. Below are the 2018 conference abstracts listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Alexander - 'Standin’ on a corner – are bypassed towns demographically doomed?'
  2. Baffour-First generation births in Australia since 1981
  3. Barnes 'Measuring Census Coverage in Australia: Moving Beyond Net Undercount'
  4. Barnes-'The Northern Territorys working population'
  5. Bernard- 'Educational selectivity of internal migration'
  6. Bernard - 'Employment and educational outcomes of first and second'
  7. Bond - '2016 Living in small towns what does the census tell us'
  8. Borsellino - 'Investigating the spatial structure of internal migration in Australia'
  9. Brown - 'How many Australians will have Dementia in 40 years time'
  10. Burleigh -'The physically present population'
  11. Cahyadi - 'Distance Matters: Upward and Downward Exchange of Support between Elderly and Migrant and Non-migrant Children in Rural Indonesia'
  12. Cai - International marriage and domestic marriage differentials in China
  13. Canudas - Romo Cause of death decomposition of cohort survival comparisons
  14. Charles - Edwards Comparing internal migration in the countries of Asia
  15. Charles - Edwards People come people go
  16. Cockley - In the digital space
  17. Cooper - Who wants to go to work
  18. Cote - Population coverage studies of national administrative datasets
  19. Cui - Decomposing the sex gap life expectancy
  20. Culpin - Child health and nutrition in the Pacific
  21. Darby - The potential for administrative data
  22. DeAlwis - Intergenerational occupational mobility of Asia born immigrants in Australia
  23. Duan - Opportunity cost of childbearing and womens fertility intention in urban China
  24. Evans - Patterns of Asian intermarriage in Australia
  25. Evy Nurvidya Arifin - Physical functioning among older persons in Indonesia
  26. Fairless - A migrant or not
  27. Fairless - Internal migration estimates
  28. Goat - Opportunity Freedom and Time how to sell Darwin as a place to live
  29. Golebiowska - Harnessing ethnocultural community knowledge
  30. Goodwin - Understanding the increase
  31. Gray - The contribution of repartnered fertility to TFR in Australia
  32. Guan - Intermarriage in Australia patterns and changes by birthplace and ancestry
  33. Guan - Measuring the spatial integration of the Chinese born population in Australia
  34. Gubhaju - Mens role in caregiving of older adults
  35. Guo - Social and economic outcomes of the first generation migrants
  36. Haque - Climate-induced displacement
  37. Haque - Healthcare-seeking-behavior-for-children
  38. Hia - Skilled migration between developed economics: changes in labour market outcome profiles for Singaporean migrants in Australia, 2016-2016
  39. Houle - A mothers death and child survival
  40. Houle - Sexual behaviour typologies in the context of the HIV epidemic
  41. Howe - A century of footballers a microcosm of modern Australia
  42. Howe - Australia at twenty five million
  43. Huang - Healthy life expectancy among elderly people in China
  44. Jatrana - Maternal exposure to intimate partner violence
  45. Jia - An endogenous diffusion model of entry into first marriage
  46. Jianxin - The exploration of a method of making the life table in China
  47. Jiehua - A study on the changing trend of the major health indicators of the elderly
  48. Jinying - Study on the family orientation of the floating population
  49. Johnstone - Using machine learning to forecast population
  50. Jukic - The socioeconomic determinants of unpaid work in NSW
  51. Kalemba - Decline in internal migration levels in Australia
  52. Khanna - Northern Territory population futures
  53. Kinglsey - Socio-demographic differences in the relationship between maternal work-family conflict
  54. Krish - Immigration shaping Australian politics
  55. Lichter - The rural-urban interface New patterns of spatial interdependence and inequality
  56. Maertens - The Northern Territory's non-resident workforce
  57. McDonald - Explaining fertility change in Australia from 2005 to 2016
  58. McDonald - Population ageing in Australia beyond the cities
  59. Mi - The influencing factors of population spatial distribution in Northwest China
  60. Miranti - Youth social exclusion index at a small area level
  61. Muhammad - Ulil Absor Ageing in rural Indonesia
  62. Muhidin - Internal migration and education in Indonesia
  63. O'Donnell - How many people experience homelessness
  64. Parr - Revealing the motivations for return migration in Australia
  65. Parr - Underemployment and fertility in Australia
  66. Payne - Is disability in the oldest old compressed or not
  67. Radbone - Developing population data analytical capacity in Australia
  68. Raymer - Projecting future demand for medically assisted fertility treatments
  69. Raymer - Subsequent migration of immigrants within Australia
  70. Reid - Beyond the city geographical differences in religious identification
  71. Roettger - Exploring moderating patterns of risk for behavioural and health issues
  72. Petrov - Beyond the city and above the circle
  73. Sandercock- A richer picture of regional population change
  74. Satchwell - Populating the Territory - Activating limited leavers
  75. Shalley - Effective ways of communicating population forecast uncertainty
  76. Sassler - Modern Romance? Cohahabitation and the Remaking of the Family
  77. Shipp- Changing household formation of young adults 
  78. Shipp - Estimating interstate migration
  79. Simpson - Demographic forecasting with POPGROUP
  80. Simpson - The shelf life of sub-national projections from Australia to England
  81. Smith - The REPstats Database for religious education and population statistics
  82. Stratchan - 30 years of change in central Australian Indigenous employment
  83. Sykes - Towns in time 35 years of data and stories about regional Victoria
  84. Tejada - African born people in Australia
  85. Thurmer - Who stays and who goes from sparsely populated areas
  86. Utomo - Risky health behaviour of young people in greater Jakarta
  87. Utomo - The excessive working hours of young adults
  88. Ware - Indigenous mortality
  89. Wasserman - Highway to home international migrant settlement in regional South Australia
  90. Watmuff - Using administrative data to inform previous address history
  91. WeiHow - Long is expected to live for the Chinese elderly in an empty nest
  92. Wilson - Creating subnational population forecasts for multiple geographies
  93. Wilson - New-programs-for-regional-population-projections
  94. Wohland - Estimating mortality for UK ethnic groups
  95. Xiangjing - Impact of urbanization on the changing of rural and urban age structure
  96. Yang - Inequality in health status between migrants and urban residents in Chinese cities
  97. Yuan - Demographic dividend and the economic miracle in China
  98. Zhao - Healthcare and poverty reduction in Chinas least developed
  99. Zhao - What have we learned from examining long-term changes in a temperature-mortality relationship